Donate to the Treehouse

You can make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of kids and families in the Cleveland area.  Your gift enables us to serve hundreds of kids and families by providing services to children who have developmental concerns and those who are at-risk for developmental concerns.


With your support, we can:

-Provide scholarships for kids in need

-Continue to add play group offerings to our schedule to accommodate new families

-Provide guidance to parents and caregivers who are struggling with the stress and anxiety of supporting their child's needs

Donate today and become a part of our Treehouse community, where all children and families feel safe and supported.



-This donation sponsors rent for our storefront space for one month.


-This donation sponsors continuing education for our play group facilitators.


-This donation sponsors utilities in our storefront space for one month.


-This donation sponsors one full day of play groups for 22 children.


-This donation sponsors one month of play groups for one child.


-This donation sponsors play group supplies that we use regularly during our programs (paper, paint, play dough, wipes, etc.)